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This documentation will help you use the Cerebras environment for training and evaluation of machine leaning models. It covers quick start guides as well as advanced topics. Choose the documentation related with your installation

Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster

This installation is designed to support large-scale models (up to and well beyond 1 billion parameters) and large-scale inputs (e.g., sequences of 50,000+ and 7k x 7k images). It can contain single or multiple CS-2 systems with ability to distribute jobs across all or a subset of CS-2 systems in the cluster. A supporting CPU cluster in this installation consists of MemoryX, SwarmX, management and input worker nodes.

Original Cerebras Installation

This installation is designed for a single CS-2 deployment and can only support models below 1B parameters with Pipelined execution. Consists of a CS-2 system and a CPU cluster with CPU nodes playing roles of a coordinator and input workers.


Cerebras AI Model Studio

The Cerebras AI Model Studio is a computing service powered by Cerebras Wafer-Scale Clusters with 4+ CS-2s and hosted by Cirrascale Cloud Services. It is a purpose-built platform, optimized for training and fine-tuning large language models on dedicated clusters of millions of cores.



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