Clone Cerebras Model Zoo#

Cerebras Model Zoo repository contains examples of common deep learning models that can be trained on Cerebras cluster.

This repository can be used for:

  • Getting started. It contains:

    • Reference implementations in PyTorch and TensorFlow of common deep learning models

    • Data preparation scripts to use your own data

    • Configuration files for multiple model sizes

  • Benchmarking. It contains tuned implementations with optimal performance in Cerebras hardware.

  • Developing new models. It contains:

    • Cerebras-customized PyTorch and Tensorflow Layer APIs that simplify the compilation process.

    • Examples that demonstrate best practices for coding your own model.


The Cerebras Model Zoo for the Cerebras Original Installation is available at A list of supported models can be found here.

To clone the Cerebras Model Zoo Repository in your preferred directory, use:

git clone -b original_cerebras_installation


Only models in pipelined execution are fully supported in the Original Cerebras Installation