tf.PositionEmbeddingLayer module

tf.PositionEmbeddingLayer module

class tf.PositionEmbeddingLayer.PositionEmbeddingLayer(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)


Implementation of the position embedding layer.

Adds positional information to the token embedding provided as input. Supports 'fixed' and 'learned' positional embeddings.

  • max_position_embeddings (int) – Maximum sequence length to train using the model. If None, set to the input sequence length.

  • embedding_type (str) –

    Options are 'learned' or 'fixed'.

    • Learned: Trainable weights for embeddings.

    • Fixed: Fixed weights for embeddings.

  • embeddings_initializer (callable) – Embeddings initializer.

  • embeddings_regularizer (callable) – Embeddings regularizer.

  • boundary_casting (bool) – See the documentation for BaseLayer.

  • tf_summary – See the documentation for BaseLayer.

  • **kwargs – Additional keyword arguments for BaseLayer.

call(inputs, position_ids=None)

Add position embeddings to the inputs.

  • inputs (Tensor) – Input of the size [batch_size, seq_len, embedding_size].

  • position_ids (Tensor) – Position IDs of the inputs.A 1D tensor of size seq_len. If None (default), assumes that corresponds to [0, 1, ..., seq_len-1].