Clone Cerebras Model Zoo#

Cerebras’s Model Zoo repository contains examples of common deep learning models that can be trained on the Cerebras Wafer-Scale cluster. A list of supported models can be found here.

Follow the steps on this page to clone the Cerebras Model Zoo repository in your preferred directory.

Clone repository#

Clone the Cerebras repository by using one of the following methods:

git clone

git checkout tags/Release_2.2.1 -b main


git clone -b Release_2.2.1


Once you have Set up a Cerebras virtual environment, install additional packages to your Python environment to support all the functionalities of the Cerebras Model Zoo.

Install packages available in Cerebras Model Zoo by issuing the following commands:

source venv_cerebras_pt/bin/activate

Note that now you should be in the (venv_cerebras_pt) environment.

pip install --upgrade pip
pip install -r modelzoo/requirements.txt --extra-index-url


Refer to Run Cerebras Model Zoo on a GPU if you are running your model on a GPU.