class modelzoo.transformers.data_processing.huggingface.HuggingFaceDataProcessor.HuggingFaceDataProcessor[source]#

Bases: object

A HuggingFace map-style Data Processor. :param dict params: dict containing training

input parameters for creating dataset.

Expects the following fields: - “batch_size” (int): Batch size. - “shuffle” (bool): Flag to enable data shuffling. - “shuffle_seed” (int): Shuffle seed. - “shuffle_buffer” (int): Size of shuffle buffer in samples. - “num_workers” (int): How many subprocesses to use for data loading. - “drop_last” (bool): If True and the dataset size is not divisible

by the batch size, the last incomplete batch will be dropped.

  • “prefetch_factor” (int): Number of batches loaded in advance by each worker.

  • “persistent_workers” (bool): If True, the data loader will not shutdown

    the worker processes after a dataset has been consumed once.



Classmethod to create the dataloader object.


Classmethod to create the dataloader object.