Checklist Before You Quickstart#

When the CS system is installed at your site, it is in a CS cluster that looks similar to the following diagram. Before you can start using the CS system, check with your system administrator and go over the following prerequisites first.


This checklist only applies to the Slurm/Singularity workflow, which we support for pipeline models only.


Slurm wrapper scripts (csrun_wse and csrun_cpu) may be customized for your particular environment by your sysadmins and may look different than what is shown below. Check whether your Sysadmin’s local documentation is available and whether there are any special instructions for your CS-2.

Cerebras SIF container
The Singularity software is installed on all the nodes, including the chief and the worker nodes, and can launch Cerebras container that consists of the Cerebras Graph Compiler (CGC) and other necessary libraries.
Slurm orchestrator
The orchestrator software Slurm is installed and is running on all the CPU nodes: on the chief node and on all the worker nodes. The orchestrator software Slurm performs the coordination between the CS system and the nodes in the CS cluster.
You have the hostnames of the chief and the worker nodes. You will log in to the chief node and perform all your work on the chief node. You need hostnames of the worker nodes for debugging.
IP address of CS system
You have the IP address and the port number of the network attached CS system accelerator. You pass this IP address and port number to the --cs_ip flag of your runtime scripts during compiling and running your models.
Login steps
Steps to log in to the chief node of the CS system cluster. Logging into the chief node is done by using ssh.


Proceed to work on the CS system only after you have completed the above checklist.