tf.layers.FeedForwardNetwork module#

class tf.layers.FeedForwardNetwork.FeedForwardNetwork(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)#


A feed forward network that consists of a stack of fully connected layers.

  • layers_units (int) – List of units for each layer.

  • layers_activation (str) – List of activation types (str) for each layer.

  • layers_dropout_rates (float) – List of dropout rates (float) for each layer.

  • use_bias (bool) – If True, use bias throughout all layers.

  • kernel_initializer (string) – Kernel initializer. Defaults to "glorot_uniform".

  • bias_initializer (callable) – Bias initializer. Defaults to "zeros".

  • output_layer_initializer – If not None, initialize the last projection layer with this initializer. Defaults to None.

  • kernel_regularizer (callable) – Kernel regularizer.

  • bias_initializer – Bias regularizer.

  • dropout_seed (int) – Seed with which to initialize the dropout layer. Defaults to None.

call(inputs, training=True, **kwargs)#