tf.layers.ActivationLayer module#

class tf.layers.ActivationLayer.ActivationLayer(*args: Any, **kwargs: Any)#


Wrapper around the Keras activation layer.

Also supports activation="GeLU", activation="relu6" and activation="hard_swish" which are currently missing in keras.layers.ActivationLayer v2.2.

  • activation (Union[str, Callable]) – The function to be applied. This can either be callable string name of a Tensorflow built-in activation, or one of "gelu", "lrelu" (lrelu denotes LeakyReLU), "relu6" or "hard_swish".

  • boundary_casting (bool) – If True, outputs the values in half precision and casts the input values up to full precision.

  • tf_summary (bool) – If True, saves the activations with the summary_layer.

call(inputs, **kwargs)#

Apply the activation layer.


inputs – Arbitrary tensor.


A tensor of the same shape as the input.

Return type


static gelu(x)#
static hard_swish(x)#
static relu6(x)#